Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Few Living Room Snippets

Good evening sweet friends.
I want to thank you for birthday wishes.
Yesterday I had my work Christmas party.
Left after an hour to go to our
Blue Water Antique Dealers Christmas party.
At that party my antique friends surprised me
with a big ole chocolate birthday cake.
It was delicious!
The prime rib dinner was good too!!
I do not often get to eat that.

On the way home we drove in a ice snow mix.
It's that time of the year.

Below are a few snippets of our living room.

Just a simple swag on the cabinet door.
Indian corn, cranberry garland, burlap and greens.

Tucked in this vintage Santa postcard.

Another Santa standing guard by the front door.

A tiny tree in an enamel cup on top of a vintage Christmas box.
I so love these boxes. They are much heavier than those
you purchase today. Much to be said for made in USA.
Unfortunately we now live in a throw away society.

Well off to have some more birthday cake.
Enjoy your evening!

Snippet Blessings To All!


  1. HI Janice, your Christmas party sounds wonderful except for the driving in the ice/snow, yum, chocolate cake..... Love the swag on the cabinet door, looks lovely. Enjoy your decorating, keep it coming please.Blessings Francine.

  2. Happy Birthday Janice...your home decor is simply prim have such a talent for offer so many wonderful ideas...The snow and ice have not made it to Maine yet, just a matter of time...Sending greetings, Julie...

  3. Happy Birthday, love the photos!

  4. Happy birthday!!! What sweet friends you have! I love your living room snippets!

  5. Hi Janice - happy birthday! It sounds like you had a good time. Your Christmas decor looks lovely. I really like the use of the Indian corn! I am going to have to bring some back out - such a great idea. Happy Friday to you! Jane


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