Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shop Locally

Good evening sweet friends.
Its been a bit nippy these past few days.
We are under a frost warning for the rest of the week.

Our little town has urged the store owners
to place signs in our windows to remind everyone 
to shop local.

Little towns like ours were a buzz in activity
until they met their demise in the 60's
with the onset of shopping malls.

Folks forgot about their local hometown stores,
and thus the small town charm fell to the wayside.
Shops closed and stores remained vacant.

Then came the re-vitalization folks
that paid 3 of the 5 river towns by us
to demolish for free their downtown buildings.
In hindsight, these towns would not have
done this if it were all to do again.
Now here in Michigan,
folks want to shop downtowns again.
The big malls are now re-inventing this concept
with outdoor shops instead of all under one roof.

Where our store is located, we are one of the towns
that refused the re-vitalization folks.
So glad they did.
Our store is in an 1800's building, and we love it.

I also love my most recent nine patch quilt
that I placed on our bench.

Why I brought up the shop local bit,
is because I purchased this early teddy local.
Local meaning in our own store.
I spotted this lil bear in one of our vendors booths.

Also these cool looking children's blocks.
I added my cute lil raggedy that
Fran from the BaggLady gave me in a swap.
Dont they look cute together?

Close up of the blocks.

They all are now loving being on the bench.
It does pay to shop local..even if it is in your own store.

Shop Local Blessings To All!


  1. Shopping local is good. I just love the quilt. Have a great day.

  2. Evening Janice, love that quilt, looks perfect there with the sweet old Teddy and blocks. Always good to shop local, Blessings Francine.

  3. I agree, Janice! Shopping local, especially great shops like yours, is definitely the way to go! It's definitely my favorite way to shop.
    Sweet finds!

  4. I love your little town, Janice.....your shop is wonderful! You're right...these builders that were so busy tearing down landmarks from the turn of the try to imitate them by building storefronts that mimic the olde....I don't think it has quite the same feel. Then what's a lot of these towns have turned most of their business' into breweries, coffee shops and sandwich shops....that's what happened around here...disgusting...if I see one more Tim Horton's I'm going to scream!!!

  5. my rant, I forgot to mention that I love your quilt and the teddy sweet!! Have a good day!


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