Saturday, October 3, 2015

Comfort and Joy

A Happy Saturday morning to all of my blogging friends!
Well wishes to those living on the East Coast
who are bracing for some major flooding in some areas.
It could be much worse if Joaquin had landed.
When Hurricane Sandy hit,
we actually had strong winds and rain hit here in Michigan.
We were was 4 times worse on the coast where she landed.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!
With the cold snap we have had recently....
and yes Bob turned on the funance much to my dismay.  

I brought out the quilts and also my newest find
to give me comfort in the coming days and nights.

It is a lovely blue and white center seamed
I would love to  know if you could tell me the pattern.
Is it an overshot? Is it considered a 4 square pattern?
I have to idea, so anyone who knows please share.

It is big enough to fit on a 3/4 bed.

Don't you just love this pattern..whatever it may be.

My next two finds just give me joy.
This black tiny pantry box....which will eventually find
its way to my stack of them.
For now don't it look sweet here for Autumn?

Also this small gathering buttocks basket.
I just fell in love with it size and look.

The darker blue coverlet on the bottom fits our queen bed,
just to give you a comparison on the two.
I placed my gathering basket on top...
just waiting for a wee orange pumpkin to place inside.
Cannot seem to find any right now in our neck of the woods.

Thank you for being such great friends.
Now I am off to do my weekly grocery shopping,
come back and do laundry and work on some snowman.
Yes, working on Christmas already.

Comfort and Joy Blessings To All!


  1. Morning Janice, I love that coverlet, what a great colour. They are very hard to find here. The basket is wonderful too, always like to see your cozy home and decorating style.Blessings Francine.

  2. Love your coverlets, Janice...I have a few also and just love them! Have a great weekend!

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  4. I love your decorating style along with all the wonderful primitive touches that grace your lovely home...beautiful coverlets too!!!

  5. Learning about coverlets! I hope you share some of your snowmen with us Janice! I used to collect baskets when we lived in Germany - the little ones tug at your heart! Thanks for sharing♥ ~*~Lisa

  6. Well I admit I turned my heat on yesterday too. It was rainy and cold here in the south and I refused to be cold I will look in my Appalachian Coverlet book and see if the pattern is in it. Love the pantry boxes

  7. love your finds, just beautiful !!

  8. Hi Janice, I had to turn my heat on also. I can't stand being cold.
    I love your beautiful coverlets and boxes. Also love your little basket.
    What awesome finds. hugs, Lecia

  9. Great finds Janice!! I have no idea about coverlets, but it sure is pretty. Hope you find that lil pumpkin soon. :)


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