Monday, October 6, 2014

October CupboardScape

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I want to thank everyone for the well wishes for my mom's
latest eye surgery.
Surgery went ok, however we were rear ended on the way.

I was driving my mom's new car...
she wanted me to drive since it has been in our driveway
for almost a month now.
Geez...who would have thought that we would be in an accident.
I was stopped at a red light andhappened to be looking
 in the rear view mirror.

I saw the car coming at me and braked harder than usual...
as I thought I would be pushed into the car in front of me.
Being left handed, I also braced my left hand really hard on the wheel.
Harder than my right hand.
My arm was sore for a few days.
Mom was alright, but they did delay her surgery
for an hour so her blood pressure would lower.

Well, since I had to get my mom to her appt,
I opted not to wait for a police report.
My mom was crying and I knew her blood pressure was rising.
I took down all of the ladies info.
Well the next day when I tried to file a police report,
it seems in the county I was hit,
both parties must show up to file the report.

You probably have guessed, that the lady won't go.
She tried to say I would get a ticket for leaving the scene.
Then she offered to send my mom a check for the damages.
Then she stated she was going on vacation...
and that her and her husband have not been on vacation for 11 years.

I am going to try one more time to get her to cooperate...
but if she does not,
then I will turn over her information to my mom's insurance
company and they can contact her.

Since my arm was a bit sore,
I have been bad at blogging.
So sorry.

I am back now!

Autumn Delight is the inspiration for
my October CupboardScape.

A child's quilt is used as the back drop this time.

Hydrangeas tucked into a basket
next to a 2 gallon butter churn crock.
Underneath my shoo fly screen is some wonderful
smelling pumpkin faux muffins.
I wish we had smell~a~vision in blogland.
They smell so yummy!

I chose this whiskey jug...
but I think some hard cider should be in it. 

Lastly this piggin bucket.
Piggin pails and buckets have the handle on the side.

Although mine is flat,
some were carved into a spoon to be used for grain.
You cannot really tell in this pic, but mine has knife marks...
which tells me this was once used 
as a small breadboard or cutting board of some kind.

October CupboardScape Blessings To All!


  1. Hi ~
    I am continuing to pray that your mom is okay and you too.
    I like the idea of the quilt back drop.
    Happy October

  2. Love it.
    Wonderful idea.
    So sorry about the accident..
    Hugs love and prayers

  3. Wonderful photos, but so sorry to hear about your accident. Will say a prayer that all is resolved in your favor and hope you and your mom are okay.

  4. So sorry to hear this! I will be praying it all works out for you. Feel better. Blessings ~Sara

  5. I am so sorry about the accident. Love your quilt for the back drop. hugs, Lecia

  6. Oh my goodness I am so glad you both, your mom and you, are okay....this world has become something else, hasn't it?.......

    Live your prim



  7. Wow, sorry about the accident, glad you were both ok. Pretty October decorating!

  8. Evening, I love the wee quilt, those colours are perfect. That little broom is so sweet too. Great displays once again my friend,. Sorry to hear about the accident Janice, but so happy both o.k. Hugs Francine.

  9. loved the photos,
    but so sorry you and your Mom had to go through this!

    a lady caused a head on accident and totaled our truck years ago, it only cost her $20.00 for running a stop sign, we lost our truck, it was repaired but never drove right again, we had to ditch it, and lost a lot of money on it.

    I hope you can collect every cent she owes you!

  10. Being involved a car accident can be pretty traumatizing. In any case, I hope you and your mom have been faring better these days. The photos you took all look amazing, by the way. Thanks for sharing! Take care always! :)

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY


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