Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last Show Pics

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I found these pics in my draft posts.
I cannot believe I forgot to post these from our last
Harvest at the Mill show in Holly.
It was an awesome show,
and we sold most of the items displayed here.

Everything on our wallpaper table sold.

This churn was given to General store owners to be used as a display.
It is circa 1881 and stenciled on the top, bottom and sides.
Bob and I found one that sold on Etsy for $750.
We kept the print out and sold this beauty for $500 at the show.

Everything shown here except the windsor child chair sold.
The treen piece in front was circa 1881. It was given to a bride 
as a wedding gift. When we purchased this,
 we found the documentation inside
 and a written letter which was dated June 1881.
We kept this inside and the new owner now has it.

Everything on this side of our table sold except for the prim winder.

Ironically most of the antiques we took sold...
my crafts not so much.
Bob and I believe this is because there were so many vendors
selling crafts and we were one of the few vendors 
to sell prim antiques.

More antiques that sold.
Our customers are just awesome!

More eye candy.

I should have kept this keg.

This was my friends booth.
She stenciled Halloween items on slate (foreground)
chairs and tables. I think she sold out too!
These were awesome!

Well friends, chef Howie brought pizza,
from Hungry Howies and I am going to eat now.

Showtime Blessings To All!


  1. Fun, I love the display. Thank you for sharing. :-)
    I am so glad you did well!!

  2. So many goodies I see Janice. I so wanted to go but maybe next year. Happy you did so well, pizza, yum yum.Blessings Francine.

  3. That was a fun day!!!!!!! You had great pieces Janice!

  4. So happy you had such a good the yellow churn!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful show! Love your creations! hugs Lecia

  6. Hi Janice! I've been gone from blogland for a while too...hope your mom is doing okay. I see my little yellow bowl in your pictures! I have the pumpkin you made sitting in it on an old chest in my dining room - you have the neatest pieces. ~*~Lisa


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