Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring Garden

Good morning sweet friends.
Many of you have been posting pics of your wonderful gardens,
so I decided to join in on the fun.
Unfortunately I do have a small garden.
Its the trade off for being by the river.

First up are my teeny tiny violets.

Next my blue hosta and lilly of the valley to the right.
These lillies have decided to spread into the lawn now,
so I have to thin them out.

Yellow cushion spurge.

Chocolate chip ajuga with its purple blooms.

Now these pics you can tell I need to spruce my garden up a bit.
I have to get up the courage to weed these small beds.
You see lately we have been cursed with having some
unwelcome visitors called Eastern Fox snakes.
I still say Robin from The Cranky Crow sent them to us. LOL
I was planting some flowering shrubs in our front yard
last Saturday 
creating a small garden near our pear tree.
I like gardening without gloves.
Well I was removing some old ivy that originally was there...
and what do I see slithering off..
of course the tail of a baby fox snake.
I immediately went into the house...
called Bob at the store and told him
He thought I was done planting.
"NO" I said.
He reminds me that I removed a baby fox snake
 out of the yard last year.
So I said ok and hung up.
Went on my computer to find out why we have snakes
now when before we did not.
It seems we have a healthy eco-system and that is why they are here.
So how do I get a bad eco-system..cause I want them gone.
Well, after reading that,
I decided to get my boots on and some gardening gloves,
and I was going to rid my yard of this baby snake.
Of course I could not find him after that...
and hopefuly I won't ever again.

This is why I need the courage to weed my backyard now.
Snakes like leaves..and I have lots of dead ones that I use for Winter mulch.

Any suggestions?

My last Spring flowers are some dandys.
Mikayla picked these especially for me!
Don't they look gorgeous in my tiny blue pitcher.

Dandy Spring Blessings To All!


  1. What beautiful flowers.
    Truly the best of all.
    Oh my be careful of that darn snake!
    Woolie Hugs

  2. Oops I do love your gardens too

  3. Oh the bright yellow in the blue pitcher is marvelous!
    Any time I see a snake in the garden, I come in the house!!!

  4. Pretty flowers! Sure don't like seeing those snakes, that have a way of slithering out of no where!

  5. Hi Janice, love your flower gardens, look so beautiful, even the Dandy Lions
    In the pitcher look beautiful. As for the snakes, just make lots of noise I guess, Blessings Francine.

  6. Sneaky Snake goes dancing, a slithering and a prancing....
    I love your flowers. And I will be praying for you with the snakes.
    xx oo

  7. I feel your "fear"! We have large black snakes here. I do my "snake dance" before going into the back yard...I clap my hands and make lots of noise in hopes of sending them packing. You know they are more afraid of you than you are of them, right? That's what people tell doesn't help! I hate snakes!
    Good luck,

  8. Janice,

    I HATE snakes! I would never come out again! ick! BUT your garden is delightful!! OLM

  9. Oh Janice I am with you on the snakes!! My problem here is the poison ivy!! I have had it on my face for 2 weeks now!! My poor funky farm gardens suck right now!! And my lily of the valley seemed to go crazy this year too!! I am gonna try to go outside today and get the beds goin but it's gonna be 80 and I need long sleeves on!! LOL I did get some gloves with a cuff so I don't touch it!! We'll see!! Try voodoo on the darn snake!! XOXO Love Fran.


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