Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bedtime Story

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
So glad blogger is back.
At first I thought it was me..
but then started reading it was happening to all.

Let me tell you a little bedroom story.

The picture above our bed is another relative of mine.
Meet my great aunt Teresa.
She was my great grandfather Bob's sister.
My sister was named after her.
Ever since my gramma H passed on
and this picture was passed down to my mom...
I have wanted it.
My mom said that it belonged to my sister Teresa.

Well the day came when my mom went to give 
this picture to my sister last year.
Guess who did not want it?
Yep dear sis passed on it.
Do you want to know the reason why?

Ever since Bob told her that we have ghosts in our antique store,
she is afraid to bring in any antiques to her home.
This is why she did not want this beautiful lady.
Ok with me...I'll take it.

I dare any ghosts to mess with me.
In fact I double dare them.

My sis Teresa still does not understand how we can
live with a houseful of antiques...
I tell her that we have an understanding with our ghosts. 
She freaks out when I say that. LOL

The quilt I chose for our bed is actually the back side.
It is really a quilt made of red, whites and blues.
I will probably turn it over at Christmas time for a more vibrant color.

There is a rip in a section of it where the red comes through.
Some folks would not like this flaw.
I think this gives it character.
Plus it shows someone else loved it.

At least Ace approves. ;-)
Making himself at home right there.
Now the current pillows were from Bob's old sofa 
before we got married, that we no longer have.
I kept the pillows because they were large 
and the grands could throw them on the floor and watch tv. 

This lamp is an antique that was electrified.
Gramma H had these throughout her farmhouse.
She loved milk glass...
so it reminds me of her.

It does give off a pretty glow.

Oh yeah...and the bed has our twin mattress on it.
My mom gave us the idea just to add some slats for now
until we special order one that will fit properly.
She already slept in it and said it was a good mattress.
Thanks mom for telling us youngsters a thing or two!
I always tell my kids to listen to their elders...
they know more.

Tomorrow taking a vacation day.
Bob and I are hopefully going on our annual boat ride
on our big permitting.

Bedtime Story Blessings To All! 


  1. Sweet bedtime story..or maybe a scarey story. :-)
    You have an understanding with ghosts. :-) I just love it!
    I know a few folks that also do not like antique for the same reason.

    Fun post and I love that cat Ace. :-)

  2. Have a wonderful time with your Love.
    I loved the story as well as the awesome quilt.
    True treasures.
    Woolie hugs

  3. Love the room and your kitty on the bed.
    Enjoy your boat ride!!!!!!! and the day together.

  4. Morning Janice, great story and picture. I love the quilt, that's why I love old things, want them worn, torn and aged. Sweet kitty laying on your bed, happy Boating,nFrancine.

  5. I am happy you have the picture to enjoy! Ghosts and all!
    Wishing you two a great trip tomorrow. Be sure to take photos to share.

    My mother loved milk glass too. The lamps are gorgeous!

  6. p.s. I love to see Ace enjoying the cozy quilt.


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