Monday, April 28, 2014

Where Is Spring

Good evening Sweet blogging friends.
What can I say but life happens.
Took some time off last week to help Bob.
We were without a furnace and I needed to be there to stoke the fire
in our Bob cannot lift anything over 5 pounds for 5 weeks.
Now I know how hard it was for our forefathers.
However, I was a mad woman when I called our furnace man asking
 when the new one would be installed.
When he finally arrived, he told us well you guys like primitives
so much that you should like roughing it a bit.
Luckily he is our neighbors son...and I had to admit I did laugh when he said it.
But at the tie I was bringing all that wood in...
well every load I brought in the more mad I was getting...
and it was days before the new funace arrived.

On another note,
please send out a prayer for our Arkansas friends out there.
More storms in Mississippi and Arkansas and Kansas again,
so please pray that no one else gets hurt.

Here in Michigan we are wondering where Spring went.
I think it arrived on the calendar?
But no signs here yet.
Except for my house.

Hope you enjoy some of my inner Spring.

If you click on the pic..yoou will notice that our Shadow kitty
has now claimed my burlap chair as his scratching pole.
I will need to add some patches.
Any ideas ladies?

My wax bunny.

This cart was a birthday present from Bob a few years ago.
I added some Spring tulips and daffoldils to it...
silk of course as my kitties would eat the real ones.

Finally some of my strawberries, little raggedy and memories pillow.

Has Spring arrived in your neck of the woods?

Pre Spring Blessings To All!


  1. Hope you will get some warmer weather soon...our a.c. has been running all day! Love the little wagon, it looks so pretty! Sweet berries!

  2. No Spring here in Northwest Wisconsin. We have snow in the forecast for Tuesday.
    I love your cart and the berries.


  3. If Spring was here you wouldn't have to worry about a darn furnace!
    Hope Bob is on the mend.

  4. Hi Janice,
    Sure hope your new furnace is up and cranking out the warmth, or even better that you are getting some nicer weather!! I would gladly share mine with you if I could!!
    Love your little spring touches around your home and love that chair too, although NOT what your kitty did to it!!! Yikes!!
    Was wondering if the cover comes off or is attached? How about if you got some canvas type fabric- seems to me you used something like that for curtains- and made a new cover, or cut some large pieces and hand sewed it in place with upholstery thread? Another idea is ticking- it is strong, durable, and primitive looking, especially if you stain it!
    Hope those suggestions help!
    Have a good week~

  5. Hello Janice, that's terrible about the furnace, where oh where is Spring indeed.... Love the wax bunny and bowl of goodies, you always have the neatest prims. Sending prayers for all affected of those terrible storms, Hugs Francine.

  6. Hi Janice. Love the bunny. Well, it is the end of April and we still have our wood stove going. It is unbelievable. T-shirt weather in Berlin Ohio last Saturday. Well it was nice to enjoy it for a day, then back to this. Winter coats :(


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