Thursday, April 17, 2014

April CupboardScape

A Tisket
A Tasket
Come see my
Easter Baskets!

Good afternoon sweet friends.
I've missed you all!
Been catching up on all of your activities,
but not commenting as I would like to.
Just not enoough time in the day lately.

Wow a lot has happened since my last post.
Bob had surgery Monday for his hernia
and is mending well at home.

We also had a tornado hit the town our store
is at last Saturday.
Twisted metal, trees down,
signs and chimneys down.
Fortunately our store was spared,
but we were without power for 2 days.
We live 10 minutes south of the store,
and the winds were pretty high here
with pea sized hail.

Then the furnace guy took away our furnace
and left us in the lurch for 2 nights
of 30 to 40 degree temps.
He did not realize the temps were going to drop...
and we went from 60+ temps to snow the day after he pulled.
the old one out.
Brrr...I had to get wood from our woodpile
before going to work and more after
as Bob cannot lift anything heavy for 6 weeks now.
Thankfully our fireplace kept us a bit warm.

Been so busy,
I forgot to post my monthly CupboardScape.

Baskets and Bunnies.

Paper Mache bunnies.

Feather basket.

I love old wood advertising boxes.
This latest one I found at the New Haven show.
Perfect for Easter...too bad the chocolate is gone.
Then again, not sure if i would want to eat it anyway
since this box is from 1884. LOL

An early splint basket.
This one is usually kept by the couch to keep my latest
projects in.

More of my bunny collection.
I simply love their different personalities.

A willow basket shaped as a heart.

Tucked in this spring quilt.
At least I have some tulips inside
as the ones outside are still sleeping.

Lastly this Longerberger basket.
Not old but vintage.
A signed one dated from 1989 which is when I bought
this from QVC....before I became more primitive. LOL

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter.
I have a ham in the fridge, along with some other veggies.
Dinner with family.
What are your plans for Easter?

Easter Basket Blessings To All!


  1. Hello Sweet Friend, missed you too. So glad to hear your ok well, except from the cold but lucky you do have a fireplace and wood to burn. Also great Bob is doing good. Love all your Spring time touches, you have the neatest goodies and know how to display them wonderfully. Happy Easter, Blessings Francine.

  2. Love the Easter around your house :0)
    Get Well wishes to least he got it over with.
    I hope Spring is here to stay!!!!
    Hugs Janice and Bob

  3. love all of your Easter bits & bobs, particularly the wood advertising box!

    Julia x

  4. Oh Janice....glad to hear you are O.K.....but between cold & winds & family health, you deserve a "feet up" kind of weekend!

  5. Oh my...our prayers are going out to you.
    I remembered Bob's surgery. So glad it went well.
    Thank God your store is okay. Pray the community heals quick.
    xx oo
    Happy Easter

  6. Love all of your beautiful baskets, so glad you husband is doing well.
    Hope you start having some beautiful Spring weather. hugs, Lecia

  7. Glad to hear you are all safe.
    Love your paper mache bunnies. I still have my longaberger from the early nineties, paid way to much for it to ever get rid of it ;)

    Blessings to you and speedy recovery to Bob.



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