Sunday, March 9, 2014

Progress Is A Good Thing

Good morning sweet friends.
Are any of you waking up hating the fact that you lost an hour?
This daylight savings time is going to kick me in the butt
tomorrow morning when I have to get up.

I managed to get 13 pennies completed for my rug.
This is the center of the design.
I am going to work my way out.
This is going to take me longer than expected,
because the next 4 weekends I will not be home.

Bob is making his own progress on our bedroom.

We now have drywall.

The door has been hung.
We found two pieces of old reclaimed moulding.
One to go over our new closet door 
with the other over the main door that goes into the room.
Bob also completed the little door under the shelves.
He added old reclaimed hinges and a porcelain door knob.

Once Bob is finished sanding,
we are ready for paint.

On another note,
hubby Bob now has to have hernia surgery
on April 14th.
He scheduled this after our shows,
but will not be able to lift more than 20 lbs afterward for 6 weeks.
Another set back, but he needs to get this taken care of.

A litlle bit of progress is a 

Daylight Savings Blessings To All


  1. All progress looks great Janice! Good luck to Bob on his surgery. ~*~Lisa

  2. Lovin the penny's.
    Prayers for Bob.
    Woolie Hugs

  3. Morning Janice, your Penny's are so sweet....Love that door, looks good already......Well Wishes to Bob, Hugs Francine.

  4. Morning Janice....good progress, coming along nicely!!!
    The time change will kick me in the butt too, but at least it will be light an hour later.
    Hope Bob doesn't overdue it, at the show too. Do you have help loading and unloading?

  5. Happy Sunday Janice! You are sure ambitious! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the rug and the room! Speedy recovery to your husband, my Dave went thru that last November.

  6. You both are making good progress. I hope the surgery goes well.

  7. Good progress! Love your pennies.Prayers for hubby,may he have a speedy recovery.Hugs,Jen

  8. Praying for your sweetheart.
    I think it looks good so far. ;-)
    And regarding Daylight Savings...let just so away with it already!

  9. Hi Janice, love your pennys! Can't wait to see your finished bedroom. Prayers for your husband. hugs, Lecia

  10. The bedroom is looking good Janice! Hope your hubby's surgery goes well for him. Your penny's look great. I may start a penny rug with a friend the end of this week. Good luck on your room. Can't wait to see it with painted walls. Hugs, Lori

  11. Hi Janice...your room is looking good! Love the pennies! Will be thinking good thoughts for Bob and his surgery...hoping for a speedy recovery so you both can enjoy the coming spring and all the great shows.
    Take good care,


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