Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peter Arrived

Good morning sweet friends.
The show last weekend was a success.
Another one this weekend.
Its been hectic wondering if Ace will be alright,
and my nerves are shot.
I took him to my vet yesterday.
We got the feeling on Saturday morning that 
the emergency vet was just milking us.
I called then to tell them that my son would pick him
up that morning and they said he needed surgery.
I immediately gave the phone to Bob and he told them no more money.
Fifteen minutes later they called back and said he passed
a blood clot and woould be alright.
Now I wonder if that even happened,
cause my own vet could not understand why they did
some of the things they did.
Ace still needs your prayers as he is still not 100%.
You are all the best!

Now while we were gone,
Peter Rabbit arrived at the homestead. LOL

Will post show pics later this week.

Peter Rabbit Blessings To All!


  1. Morning Janice, love your bunny's hopping about your cozy home. I saw some of the pictures from the show, so nice to see you and Hubby and your wonderful booth.... Prayers for Ace, Hugs Francine.

  2. Sending prayers to Ace. Love what you've done for Easter. Maggie

  3. Love the bunnies. Prayers for poor Ace.
    It was great seeing you last weekend.

  4. Prayers for sweet Ace. That is horrible what the vet was doing...Love your bunny displays!

  5. Prayers for poor little Ace. Your bunny displays are so pretty.The one with the bunny in the basket with the tulips looks like it belongs on a card.Have a wonderful day. Be blessed,Jen

  6. Good morning Janice. I stopped by your booth at the show last weekend but you were busy. Hope to see you at the show this fall. Lots of prayers for little Ace. The bunny in the crook is adorable, love it!

  7. Our prayers.
    I love your bunnies. I just love bunnies. :-)
    xx oo

  8. SOOOO glad you guys joined in Spring Plantings! Hope you will mark your calendars for September 6! Glad to hear Ace is doing better. These emergency vets are something else!


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