Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've Been Wicked

Good evening dear friends.
I have been so very bad.
The weather had me down.
Work had me down.
My son had me down.
He needed a car,
moved out of his apartment into his dad's
and his dad would not help him out.
He quit his job as the company he was working for was being investigated.
Long story, but when he went to get unemployment,
the owner never paid into unemployment benefits, so he was unable to collect
what was taken out of his check for three years.
He made car payments also to the company..
and yes those payments were never made either.
Then on top of it his dad wanted him to pay him back rent
after he finally found another job.
I am so glad that Bob is very understanding.
We went out and bought another car for me,
and gave mine to my son.
Just told him to make a small monthly payment to me.
So the long and short of it.
I have been in a wicked mood.

So wicked that I decided to start working on Halloween.
Bob and I will be doing a primitive show in Holly, Michigan
September 7th, so I started to make some goodies.

I drew up this little wicked design myself.

Added wool and fabric leaves,
with glass beads for berries.
Made it into a pillow and aged it a bit.
I promise to be good soon. LOL
Wicked Blessings to All!


  1. Janice, you're not wicked. You've just been feeling down and rightfully so. Glad your son was able to find another job. Things will get better. Love the design you made.

  2. You were nice to help out. Hope things get better. And you my dear are far from wicked. :)

    Tomorrow will be a better day! :)


  3. Evening Janice, you are from from wicked my friend, your Son is very lucky to have a wonderful caring Mom as you.......When I started my blog you were one of the first kind prim friends, I adore you......Hope you perk up soon, Hugs Francine.

  4. You are wicked Janice...a wicked-good mom! Love your stitchery too girl! Hang in there ~*~Lisa

  5. I was gonna say your wicked is good.
    What a wonderful mom you are.
    love your stitches.
    Woolie HUGS

  6. I agree with the girls, you are wickedly good!! How horrible what happened to your son! Bob is a great guy to do that! It's not your son's fault the company was scamming. That's what parents are for, to help out when their kids really need it!
    LOVE that stitchery!! You go girl!

  7. I love your wickedness and your wicked pillow, too. I was just talking to Dawn about the Holly show last weekend. Should be a really fun day!


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