Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merrie Merrie Day 17

This is the one part of the new wall we did in our kitchen.
Our blue cabinet hides most of the blue wall on this side.
..and no these are not my longjohns.
But I did tell the grands Santa left them last year.
Now they are asking me if he will take them back this year.
Hmmm...gramma needs to think of something quick now.
Any suggestions?
This is a flocked tree from the 1940's.
I actually have the box it originally came in too!

 Longjohn Blessings to All!


  1. Morning Lomgjohns Janice, love your prim cupboard with all the goodies.....sweet little flocked tree, nice to have the box it came in, great.....Blessings Francine. p.s. sending you some snow.

  2. Christmas Card pretty Janice. I have longjohns like that also. Those Grands and their questions keep us on our toes, huh? Happy Thursday to you.

  3. Beautiful cupboard and lots of neat goodies. AH, the flocked trees! I loved them, thought only the rich had them, growing up.(We always had a cedar)

  4. Pretty blue cupboard with the red longjohns and the flocked tree. Oh, the questions the grandkids ask. I hope you think of a good answer.

  5. Oh My Janice, all the wonderful prim treasures in that blue cabinet oh my and a original box with the vintage tree, double bonus! OLM

  6. Lovely Janice!Love the old blue cabinet and those red longjohns!Hugs,Jen

  7. Oh Janice the longjohns are too precious! Just tell them he gained more weight and can't fit into them again this year! The flocked tree is so neat, that is awesome you sitll have the box.
    Be blessed,

  8. I really need to pick up a set of red long johns, they really make the display! :)

  9. I love that wall and long johnnys!
    Woolie Love

  10. You know I love me my Santa longjohns....but, hmmmm...everyone thought they were MY pajamas when I posted mine. (Kind of feel like the lady in the commercial where she gains weight over the holidays and her kid thinks she's Santa from behind....!) :o Can't help you out with the "answer" part (although I like Cindi's suggestion....) I only have little ones here on Christmas Eve and the long johns are on my bedroom when they can't contain themselves anymore and get a little rambunctious, I point up at the long johns and tell them they need to be quiet because Santa must be taking a nap.... ;o) Works every time....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - LOVE the tree!)

  11. That is such an awesome display. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh my Janice~

    Love your blue cabinet & all the goodies inside.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  13. Great pic! Love the longjohns and the great blue cupboard...wonderful! Beautiful tree...what a treasure!


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