Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Montage- Trip Goodies

Oh My
Did we find the goodies this time!

I did manage to scoop up a few for the house,
but these next items will be sold in our store.

Part One

Salt Glaze Crock Jug and an Amish Hat

Large Brown Glass Apothecary Bottle

Uncle Dan's Root Beer Bottle

1800's Wood Bowl

Awesome Blue Paint
(I might sneak this one out of the store...don't tell Bob)

Tin Scoop
(This will hang and I love how the wood is flat)
(perfect for a small doll)

What do you think?
Did we do good?
Part two coming soon.

Summertime Blessings to all


  1. I'd definitely sneak the bowl

  2. Love the bowl, hopefully he wont notice!

  3. Great stuff! I love the old Amish hat!

  4. Hi Janice, well my friend, I`d say you did real good. Can you sneak that blue wood bowl over to my house,love it. That old scoop is prim perfect to, really neat. Great finds, Blessings Francine.

  5. You did great.
    Love those new treasures.

  6. Hi Janice~

    Just came over from Robyn's blog (Mugwump Woolies). Loved the pic on her blogroll of the jug & Amish hat & decided to take a quick peek at your blog. I'm happy to say I'm your newest follower. I look forward to spending some time getting to know you through your blog.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  7. The big old wooden bowl is amazing...what a treasure! You had some FUN!

  8. Looks like I fell a bit behind here...yikes....! Anyways, yup - you DO find the coolest stuff. But your nutty crazy if you are even thinking twice about letting that bowl go to the store!! ;o) Robin


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