Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Montage- Goodies I Had To Keep

Well this years Antique Trail has come and gone.
Got drenched on Friday.
Semi Drenched on Saturday.
Sunday recuperated from being drenched.

However, I was able to find a few goodies
I just had to keep
and some I will add to the store.

For now, here is what I am keeping for our bedroom.

Circa 1915 Edwardian Hat Box

This hat box was on the White Star Line vessel Northland.

A gray wool Stetson Gentleman's Hat.

Added this hat to the top of the hat box.

Now add a well worn child's shoe.

Finally add one cast iron millinery shoe.

Next I found
This blue prairie dress.

And these early long stockings.

Close up of these stockings. They were crocheted.

Well I think it was worth getting drenched...
What do you all think?

Now I have to catch up on all of your blogs.

Oh before I forget,
Two more days for the giveaway.
If you do not want to miss it,
Comment on Buttercup's Giveaway Post.

Prairie Blessings to all.


  1. You found some great goodies.I went in the pouring rain friday and found better stuff because no one was out and people were anxious to get rid of stuff.Love the millinery boot never saw one before.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. WOW! Do you have any idea how old the dress is? If I could JUST go back in time...

  3. Those are great things you got Janice, definitely worth getting drenched for. Thanks for sharing.
    Be blessed,

  4. WOnderful treasures Friend.
    I love the dress.

  5. WELL worth getting drenched for! You have created an essence with your gathering...Love it! ~*~Lisa

  6. Well worth it Janice!!!
    Love the hat box!!! Wonderful displays!
    Prim Blessings

  7. You find the coolest dang stuff, Janice!! I'd be keeping these treasures too - LOVE the hat box and dress especially well. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Beautiful treasures!!

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  9. I am drooling over that hat box and dress Janice! It was worth getting drenched.


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