Monday, April 25, 2016

April CupboardScape

Good evening sweet friends.
Yesterday I realized that I had not posted
this month's CupboardScape.
Lots on my mind.

This month is all about the shoes.
Did you notice I placed a suticase inside a suitcase?
The smaller one was my dad's.

With a few dolls tucked in.
My latest bisque one with fabric arms.

Then there is my wax doll.
Always keep this away from the windows.

My newest black child's shoes.
I am the Amelda Marcos of antiques shoes....
just kidding...but I do love them.

Tiny black and white one.

Can you inagine having to button up your shoes?

Then I recently purchased these adult black ones.

These are going to be my Halloween display shoes.

Can you picture a witch wearing these?

I want to say a big thank you
for everyone's well wishes for Bob.
We are still waiting for the surgeon for a surgery date.
It's driving me crazy...because the faster they go in,
the better chance he has of them getting the "C" word out.
Plus now they told us recovery time is 12 weeks,
instead of the 6 we were told before.
No Brimfield this year it seems.
It was going to be our fist year going.

Shoe Collection Blessings To All!


  1. Love the shoes, Janice! I couldn't picture a witch wearing those shoes...but I could picture Laura Ingalls wearing them with pigtails a'flyin! Have a great day!

  2. I love the old shoes, I can't imagine having to button them. That's a long time to bend over lol!! I pray that your husband will be fine and that the surgery will go well.

  3. Evening Janice,I adore old shoes and your dad's small suitcase, adorable. Always love your cupboard scrapes. Will keep Bob in my prayers.Hugs Francine.

  4. I hope the surgeon gets s date for you, soon. Keeping you both in prayer.
    Love, love, live your display!

  5. Love your old shoes, Janice! My thoughts and prayers going up for you and Bob. I know what you mean about your hubby being your rock. My hubby has some health issues we have to keep an eye on and it truly does make you think about what is important. Our faith in the Lord is the only thing that gets us through. Big hugs my friend, Lori

  6. Aw Janice sending prayers to you n Bob! Yes I would use them as cool witches shoes!! Awesome display!! I don't move things when I spring clean anymore!! I am cleaning n organizing my craft studio! Wow a trip!! But a good change in furniture heals the soul!! I love the pic of the older couple by your door!! XOXO Love Fran.


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