Friday, February 5, 2016

February CupboardScape

Good evening sweet friends
and happy weekend!

With Valentine's just around the corner
and love in the air,
my February CupboardScape
would naturally feature this holiday.

I chose various love themed items,
with some red, white and pink mixed in.

Like this vintage piece of redwork embroidery.
Gramma B taught me how to embroider, 
and she started me with redwork.
I bought this piece as it remined me of that.

I use faux flowers to decorate with 
so my kitties won't eat them.
Candles remind me of love and warmth,
so I placed my make do candle in here as well.

Tucked in this 
pillow in one of my fav old boxes.

Again this heart was stitched in red,
which reminded me of redwork.

Added this vintage floral picture in back.

Placed a piece of linsey woolsey inside.

To complete this suitcase display.

With Valentine's Day just around the coerner,
do you have any plans to celebrate?

Bob and I will be taking the grands to Frankenmuth
for a good ole fashion chicken dinner.

Pre Valentine Blessings To All!


  1. I love your cupboardscape! The little piece of linsey-woolsey - had forgotten that material!

  2. Very pretty Janice. The colors all go together so nicely!

  3. O Janice , I LOVE this cupboard scape!!! Valentines will be spent snuggling the Princess :) Sounds like you have great plans for the day . You and your LoVe have a wonderful weekend and a great Valentines~ hugs Angie

  4. Loving the love, Janice! So many sweet Valentine touches. Jane

  5. Morning Janice, your cupboard scape for February looks so beautiful. Great prim heart, I love mine too that I bought. Blessings Francine.

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS Janice! I SOOO love that chocolate box!! And the suitcase! You really have a knack for tying things together into a wonderful statement. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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