Monday, September 21, 2015


Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Our buying trip was a successful one.
We were so tired when we got back that the van is still loaded.
We were able to find more architectural wood
for the door frames and closets for our upcoming
bedroom redo.
Yes, we still have another room to do.
Since we only have a 2 bedroom home,
and our son is still living here.....
well we are waiting until he moves out.

Now that I went off on a tangent...
let me get back to what we bought.
Sorry, no pics yet.

I picked up a black pantry box to add to my stack,
and another shoe form...seem to be addicted to these lately.

Seems like I was picking everything else white...
so for our upcoming primitive Christmas show
in Breckenridge, MI, 
our theme will be
"White Christmas"

Once we unload the van, I will take a few sneak peeks.

Back to Halloween.  

My latest witch with her potion bottle around her neck.

Sporting this Autumn mum on her hat.
These went into the store a few weeks back.
A few are still left.

Wichty Witch Blessings To All!


  1. Love the mum! And the witchie poo Janice! Hope the show goes well for you - soo much prep & work! Hope your foot is well also. I found an awesome shoe form a cpl years ago at goodwill and they had priced it with a permanent marker directly on the wood. Grrr. Have a great week ~*~Lisa

  2. Hi Janice, glad you had fun and can't wait for Breckenridge!

  3. Morning Janice, what fun, love the witch, you always make great goodies.Blessings Francine.

  4. Hi Janice
    Glad your buying trip was successful - and can't wait to see what you bought.
    I guess I won't be going to any Fall shows as I'm having back surgery the first of Nov. We now have to cancel the one show we were going to.
    I would have loved to come see what you have planned - sounds so lovely!

  5. P.S. Your witch is just witches go lol


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