Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Is In The Air

A big hello to all of my blogging friends.

I have been noticing that
the days are getting shorter.
Summer is winding down.
Which is giving me the itch
to start some Fall decorating.

My mom gave me some of her yellow yarrow.
I decided to add to my crock and let it dry.

Makes a pretty little statement at the end of our hall.

Tucked in a homemade lil pumpkin.

Changed out my blue bowl for an orange one
and added some bittersweet.

Corn husk wreath on the hall closet door.

Putka pods in a wood bowl with a tankard on top.

Have you started your Fall decorating yet?

Fall Is In The Air Blessings To All!


  1. Janice...It all looks so beautiful! I love yarrow...I need to cut some of mine and bring it in! I want your wooden horse!!! I missed out buying one a few months ago and have been so sorry since. All of your collections are wonderful !

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  3. The only thing I decorated with so far is the new Bemis cloth covered pumpkin from Dawns new shop. Her new shop is very cozy and full of great Fall decorations.
    Yarrow is so prerry and all your other decor :0)

  4. Just lovely!
    Your simple yet stately Fall accents are beautiful and are making me want to get my Fall out.
    I loooove the Yarrow - it is gorgeous where you have it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great pics Janice! You're putting me in the mood for autumn! I cut some yarrow to hang to dry in the shed a couple of weeks ago. I usually put it in a big firkin I have. Hugs, Lori

  6. Hi Janice - I've been thinking fall, but no decor quite yet. Trying to hold off until Labor Day. I have been burning some fall candles, though and I bought a sweater (despite the 90 degree temps) last week, lol. Love the yarrow, looks so pretty in your crock. Jane

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  8. Hi Janice, thanks for the fall inspiration! I love yarrow, have some wild growing here♥ ~*~Lisa


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