Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why We Live By The River

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
I hope all of my American friends enjoyed their
Memorial Day weekend...which is the official start of the Summer
for us here..but most important,
we take the time to remember those who lost their lives
so that we can be free.
Bob had a yard sale this weekend in our yard.
He cleaned out the garage and did very well.
I mulched our gardens and planted a few shrubs
and we had wonderful weather.

This is why we love being by our big blue river.
I tried to take a picture of this heron who was near
our dock, but he flew to the next dock when I got too close.

We decided to get some take out Chinese 
and enjoy our view 
one evening.

Fisherman were out trolling for Walleye.

Plus a few freighters glided by.

The Cason Calloway passing by our dock.
They come even closer when passing another freighter.
Its pretty awesome.

Then the Walter J McCarthy
headed downriver right afterwards.

Getting closer by our dock.

A close up of this mighty 1000 footer.

What she looks like from a rear view.

Then more fisherman came out.
It gets pretty crowded by our dock
cause the walleye congregate near our dock.
Bob has lost 2 poles now from boats that
got too close and grabbed his line.
They are suppose to be 500 ft away from our dock,
but unless the police are nearby, they don't care.

Besides some rude fisherman,
this is why we love living by the river.

Riverside Blessings To All!


  1. I love the freighters...they have an old fashioned charm to them. How fun to have such a view! Have a wonderful week Janice. Jane

  2. Your place by the river is pretty neat! It is so interesting that those great big freighters pass by too.

  3. Sounds you had a great day...

  4. I can see why you enjoy living near the river ~ I think I would love it there too!

  5. How beautiful and think so soothing Janice, looks wonderful. Blessings Grancine.

  6. Yum Chinese dinner and relaxation!
    Nice pictures.

  7. We have been trying to get things ready for a yard sale for weeks, and rain has always been in the forecast. Soon maybe. Glad yall did good. Love your views of the water. Would be so nice and peaceful. Enjoy it. And I love the big barges so neat.

  8. YES...I see why you love living by the water. How awesome are those large freighters - I love seeing any kind of floating vessel on the waters.


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