Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fantastic Florida Find

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I want to show off our
fantastic Florida find.
Try saying that three times. LOL

When Bob and I saw this in an antique store...
well we knew it had to come home with us.

An awesome early original red blanket chest.
Circa 1800.

Amazing red paint.

Surely was used from this wear.

Of course Ace kitty had to check it out.
When you open it to the left is this compartment you can
also put things in to.
Our new coffee table...
and place to hold al of my primitive magazines.

A perfect match for my prim sleigh and display don't you think?

Thank you for your kind words from my last post.
I have come to the realization that I am not going 
to be able to finish all that I wanted to by Saturday.
Breathing in and out...and letting go...
in and out...in and out.

Fantastic Florida Find Blessings To All!
Made you read that tongue twister again! :-)


  1. Evening Janice, you find so many great primitives, love that red blanket chest. Little sleigh is perfect on top.Blessings Francine.

  2. Awsome finds!!!!!!! Love the red Janice.


  3. Great red blanket chest! Love the red!

  4. Love the perfect red blanket chest! You find the best Prims . The sled on top is wonderful too! I would have brought it home too :)
    Hugs Marg.


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