Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Porch Time Sitting

Good evening sweet friends.
Temps here in our neck of the woods is more like Autumn.

Been reading your blogs, but not much time to comment.
Extremely busy and plus it was a
good time to redo our sad looking porch.

We had a half moon on the right side that had shrubs.
Red Snake shrubs...
actually they were red barberry shrubs,
but the snakes loved them.
The snakes used the thorns to shed their skin.
The original porch was 5 feet by 20 feet.
Our new one is 10 feet by 20 feet.
They raised the grade on the left for our steps.
All done!
Now we have to water it down for a few days.
Let it cure for a month.
Then add the railings.
Oh yeah, steps come in tomorrow.

We already have a cool rusty tin table and rattan chairs,
that are dying to come out of the garage.

Hey mom and dad.
Over here.
When do we get to come out and play?
Its been a busy week again.
Transplanting the shrubs we wanted to keep.
Discussing with the mason what we wanted.
The mason who did the job is Bob's cousin Jimmy.
Went to the zoo on Thursday with Mikayla's school.
Friday started weeding my flower beds.

What I found startled me a bit.
I blame missy Robin over at Cranky Crow.
She must have told them to leave Nod
and head to Michigan.

Came across a baby fox snake
curled up into a ball.
 He was trying to bite as I was trying to gather him up.
I don't mind babies, but they grow up to big uns.
I took him over to the edge of the state land by our house
and let him go.
These snakes are protected in our state,
as the adults have a small rattle
and lots of folks killed them thinking they were
our native Massasauga Rattlesnake.
All I can say is what comes around 
goes around Robin...just kidding.

Front Porch Blessings To All!


  1. Doesn't it feel great to have a project done...almost done. Can't wait to see it done Janice.
    I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!
    Have a great evening. (we had 83 degrees today)

  2. Evening Janice, oh the porch will ben perfect, can`t wait to see what you decorate with......Sweet Kitty`s looking out....don`t like snakes but don`t want to see them harmed either......Blessings Francine.

  3. Your new porch looks wonderful, Janice! I used to have some barberry bushes but couldn't stand the spikes so they had to go. Had I seen snakes in them, they would have gone even faster. So... did you know what kind of snake that was before you moved it or did you have to look it up? I am not snake saavy at all and would have jumped out of my own skin had I seen it. The rattler would have scared the pee out of me. Sorry for the gross visual graphic, but it's true!

  4. Love your new porch! Can't wait to see it finished. Yikes! I would have died had I found the snake. Do not like them one bit.

  5. I would have killed the snake and then set it on fire, Janice. Put me in Jail! Love your new porch. Autumn up north too. Have a good wkend ~*~Lisa

  6. HA!!! You weren't kidding, were you??? Oh, I AM sorry!!! But don't blame me....I'm thinking no snakes from here went anywhere as we have a bevy of them this year. EEEEEK!! And really - they're protected there?? Double EEEEK!! What is wrong with you people??? Yes, they do have that rattle - scares the you know what outta me.... Lord have mercy...on both of us!!! Hugs ~ Robin


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