Saturday, February 2, 2013

Does Anyone Else Have

The Winter Blues?
Good morning friends.
Well it seems that Punxsutawney Phil
did not see his shadow this morning.
Guess he forgot to tell Mother Nature
here in Michigan because it has been snowing
all morning.
Bob has already shoveled the sidewalk twice
in front of our store.
So does anyone else wish Spring would get here soon?
I cannot wait to see our Big Rive blue again,
with the freighters heading up and down.

Feeling the blues a bit, so decided to show you
some of my favorite blues.

My recent score is this old blue and white quilt top.
The shoppe owner who I bought it from
said it would make a great cutter quilt.
"Oh no...I won't cut this up". I told her.
Even though I do not smoke,
I love to collect old tobacco tins.
Another one of my blue quilts.
(I have this one at the store for displays currently)
The crock pitcher is a new find.
This one is a 14 inches high.
Circa 1860 Southern Bennington.
For those who would like to date brown crocks and jugs,
look for the iridescence in the brown.
These are all civil war era.
On another note,
cannot wait to see all the amazing
 Superbowl Commercials tomorrow.
Bob and I will be watching the game at home,
and I will make a few appetizers.
Go Ravens!

Plus only 4 more days for my Valentine Heart drawing.
I am so close to 200 and would like to have another drawing for my
200 follower giveaway.
So tell your friends they might have a chance to win two giveaways! 
PS. Will someone tell Phil to talk to Mother Nature for us.
Weekend Blessings To All!



  1. I especially hate the winter if there is no sunshine, that makes it really depressing.

  2. Sun is shining brightly here in W. Central Ga. but counties to our north are getting a little snow. Tried to get the Mister to drive me up so I could see some.. No luck!! Cold here though and that makes me happy. You are having my kind of weather and I am having what you are wishing for... Guess we are never satisfied. {smile} Love those blue quilts and the tobacco tins. The pitcher is beautiful. Have a blessed day

  3. Hi! I was organizing a long list with all the shops I want to visit in Michigan and found your blog. Once I get over this nasty cold, I look forward to visiting your shop.

  4. Afternoon Janice, oh my, loving those quilts of yours, the blue is so beautiful.....I want, I need, tee hee......wonderful blue post, Blessings Francine.

  5. The older I become the less I mind winter. If the sun is shining and I can get out for a walk, I'm a happy camper. Your quilts are just lovely, how I wish I could visit your shop, I am certain that visit would be a smile on my face! Hang in there spring is coming, I spied a Robin and Bluebird yesterday! Greetings from cold, snowy Maine-Julie.

  6. Beautiful blues..shh I love winter but ready for Spring.
    Go ravens..
    Woolie hugs

  7. Janice, I love your blues!
    I am trying not to complain, we haven't had much of a winter.. finally got some shovelable snow today...but we freezing cold!.. Spring will be a nice welcome change! OLM

  8. It is a cold day here with very light snow flurries.I am so ready for warm Spring days.LOL!Lovely blues,I've never been much for blue but lately I am really drawn to it.Hugs,Jen

  9. I'm ready for Spring too. I have had a bit of the blahs too, but had some fantastic news today, so I've snapped out of them for a bit.
    Love the quilts!


  10. Hi Janice, blue is my favorite color so I loved looking at all of your blues, especially the quilts! Then I saw the tin...I have seen that before...a memory...what is it...oh yes my Grandpa used to use Kentucky Club tobacco when I was small and I remember loving it because of the horse on it!
    Be blessed,

  11. Spring is my favorite season, and I am so ready for those birds to be chirpin' in my backyard! I am counting the days...tulips, hope to see you soon!


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