Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Montage

I am so sorry, but there will not be a Monday Montage this week. I know how everyone looks forward to this, but we had to go to a client's house to purchase some antiques and also today was our wedding anniversary. Bob and I had a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants along the river and just got back...

It was also a hectic weekend with the grandkids over and my grandson went fishing for the first time with Bob on the dock and caught five perch! We won't say how many Bob caught...LOL

Anyway, I promise to do Monday Montage either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Take care everyone



  1. Happy anniversary to you & Bob! Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Happiest of anniversaries to you Janice - and Bob (although it is now belated....running a little behind here....) Glad you got out for a special dinner. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Happy belated anniversary Janice! Many more happy memories to come! ~*~Lisa

  4. Happy (belated) Anniversary Janice....seems I am ALWAYS running a couple days "behind" lately - let's blame it on the weather!!! (big smile)!! Hope you found great antiques...that has become a real JOB here of late - no one is letting their goodies go! Have a great week...sending hugs and wishes - Judy


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